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Friday, August 25, 2023

You have to have confidence in your vision or else no one else will trust in it.

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Mary Katrantzou

For Greek fashion designer Mary Katrantzou — whose unique take on textures, prints, and silhouettes in women’s clothing earned her international acclaim at a young age — confidence is the key to success. In an interview with “The Talks” in 2015, she admitted that doubts are natural for any artist. “In fashion you have to put a new product out there every six months with little time to process, little time to evolve, and all the ambition in the world,” she reflected. “It’s impossible, I think, not to doubt.” Yet Katrantzou also pointed out that we must believe in our own vision in order to create. It’s a truism even beyond the artistic world: When we move through life with confidence, we teach others to trust in us, too.

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