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June 28, 2023
Wednesday, June 28, 2023

The changes we dread most may contain our salvation.

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Barbara Kingsolver

Author Barbara Kingsolver recognizes that change is not only hard, but also scary. Even when we know it’s coming, even when we think we’re prepared for it, change requires us to step outside our comfort zone and embrace new ideas. In her fiction, Kingsolver frequently explores themes of redemption, love, and justice, with the evolution of her characters hinging on their ability and willingness to change. And in her 2002 essay collection “Small Wonder,” she juxtaposes the joys of life with the realities of war and violence, using an anecdote about a bear who protected a lost child to encourage us to reevaluate the way we perceive the world and the threats against us. This quote and the accompanying story remind us that the anticipation of change is often far scarier than any reality — and that in the willingness to consider the tenderness of a wild beast or the humanity of an enemy lies our ability to become better, more compassionate human beings.

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Who wrote, "Healing begins where the wound was made"?
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