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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Life changes fast. Life changes in the instant. The ordinary instant.

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Joan Didion

In 2005, Joan Didion (1934-2021) published her memoir about the recent sudden death of her husband, fellow writer John Gregory Dunne. About two months before the book's publication, Didion also lost the couple's only child, daughter Quintana Roo. When she adapted her book on grief “The Year of Magical Thinking” — a National Book Award winner — into a one-woman Broadway show starring Vanessa Redgrave, she broadened its scope to consider the two great losses of her life. With these lines, Didion reflects that life’s most meaningful moments aren’t likely to feel grand or cinematic — profound events are still surrounded by normal context. Didion compels us to embrace each mundane-seeming moment, because we never know when things are going to change.

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Fill in the blank: "Ruins, for me, are the beginning. With the debris, you can construct ___." - Anselm Kiefer
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